Welcome to Zion, Utah

Welcome to Zion, Utah

This shot follows my photo of The Watchman as it was taken from roughly the same location (part way up the hill we climbed), just looking towards the north. As you enter Zion canyon from the south you pass The Watchman and these peaks on your right. Since they face to the west they all get bathed in warm light towards sunset, though eventually shadows creep up the canyon walls along this stretch. This was taken about 30 minutes before the sunset while the sun was low, but not as low as it was in my previous shot.

This shot exemplifies how the four of us on this trip took some different approaches to the same location (while other times shooting side-by-side) - in this shot of John's he's shooting from the other side of the trees that appear in the bottom left of my photo, looking towards Suad and I under the watchman.

Once again, this was shot on my Large Format camera with Fuji Velvia which, when I compare it to my digital shots, constantly impresses me. The colors are just so rich in every shot - I'm really loving it. There's a lot to be said for shooting film still in these days of digital (though there's plenty to love about digital too).

Tachihara 4x5 | Caltar II-N 150mm f/5.6 | f/16 | 1/60s | Fuji Velvia 50 | Tripod

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