Aurora Bridge, Seattle, Washington

Aurora Bridge, Seattle, Washington

I can't remember the last time I shot a photograph and put it up online so quickly, but I thought I'd go ahead with this. I had nothing particular planned for this evening and after stepping outside briefly I noticed the sky was the perfect combination of patches of open sky and of cloud lit by city lights. It's also nearly a full moon and this really is the perfect formula for night shooting. I've been in and out of a photographic slump recently and kicking myself for not getting up the motivation to go out shooting, so I decided to make tonight an exception and get out there to shoot.

After shooting at Seattle's Gasworks Park for a little over an hour I started the short drive home, which brought me under the Aurora Bridge - a bridge that I pass either over or under each and every day, but had yet to photograph. Seattle, being a city surrounded and filled with water, is home to many bridges, particularly across the canal that bisects the city. This bridge is a pretty drab bit of architecture (perhaps I'm just biased by my San Francisco history), but at night I think it's steel frame looks pretty cool. I parked my car nearby and wandered a bit until I found a perspective I liked.

It was just nice to get out on a comfortable early summer night and do some shooting. I hope you like it, and I hope it might mark the beginning of the end of my shooting slump.

Nikon D90 | Nikon 18-200VR@18mm | f/8 | 30s | ISO250 | Tripod

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