Boulder, Lassen Volcanic NP, California

Boulder, Lassen Volcanic NP, California

I'm dipping into my archive of photos previously posted (to flickr) before getting this domain up and running, and I will continue to update this site from time with favorites from the past.

I took this back at the end of August on my west coast road trip as I moved from San Francisco up to Seattle. The first evening brought us to Lassen Volcanic National park, only about 4-5 hours north of San Francisco.

As I've mentioned before, without there being any single particular thing that stood out there, I found Lassen to be a great park to visit. It was picturesque and easy to get around - I'd love to have more than a few hours to visit it in the future.

On the drive up and around Lassen Peak we stopped at a roadside pullout that had a view looking into a sort of expansive valley below. Notably perched at the top of the ledge was this one large bolder precariously balance, and seemingly out of place in that landscape, seen here.

For the B&W conversion I initially set the white balance a little cooler (bluer) than normal to allow me to create a little more contrast in the sky when applying a 'red filter'. I'm generally quite happy with the conversion. I initially felt may have been a little too contrasty and dark, but it has grown to be a favorite of mine, as-is.

Nikon D40 | Sigma 10-20@20mm | f/8 | 1/1600s | ISO200 | Handheld

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