Lower Antelope Canyon Arch, Arizona

Lower Antelope Canyon Arch, Arizona

I'm going through some of my archives to catch up on old posts. This was taken last year on my second visit to the beautiful American Southwest, along with friends LionTX, JohnRav, and ScottJones. One of the highlights of my first visit the year before was Upper Antelope Canyon. Returning for a second year we wanted to visit Antelope Canyon again, but this time opted for the less popular Lower Canyon.

As I've expressed with other images from the Lower Canyon, I happen to think it was every bit as visually stunning, if not more, as the Upper Canyon. And we had the fortune of having the Lower Canyon to ourselves for nearly 3 hours, whereas our brief time in the Upper Canyon was spent shoulder to shoulder with other photographers. Capturing a photo like this (without others in the shot) was nearly impossible in the Upper Canyon, but quite easy here.

This arch was unique among both canyons. I'll post a photo of myself under the same arch for a sense of scale for those who haven't had the fortune to visit before. I expect I'll post the rest of my Lower Canyon photos this week and get them off my to-do list once and for all.

Nikon D90 | Sigma 10-20mm | f/11 | 1.6s | ISO100 | Tripod

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