The Wave, Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona

The Wave, Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Continuing my theme of Antelope Canyon images, this is one taken in 2008 in Upper Antelope Canyon, previously posted on Flickr.

This stretch of Upper Antelope Canyon, probably about 4x6ft pictured here, was known as "The Wave" - not quite the "Wave" we'd hoped to photograph on this trip, but a welcome surprise. One thing I distinctly remember from this part of the photography tour was that our guide gave really specific instructions about where we were supposed to shoot. However, John Rav and I had both already forged along and taken some shots that I like much better than the zoomed-in detail they suggested. John's excellent photo (probably taken at the exact same time standing to my right) can be seen here.

For whatever reason, this particular bit of the canyon stood out to me, the particular lighting here was quite faint and the purple of the rock really came through. The pink sand scattered all over it was a nice break in the color too.

As we (John Rav and LionTX) have said before, Antelope Canyon was a really beautiful place, and surprisingly easy to photograph. It's no wonder gorgeous photos grace so many photographers galleries. It's well worth the visit if you're in the area.

More of our photos from this trip can be seen in our group pool here.

Nikon D40 | Sigma 10-20@10mm | f/8 | 4.5s | ISO200 | Tripod

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