Glacier and Summit, Mount Rainier National Park

Glacier and Summit, Mount Rainier National Park

This is my third (and final, for those of you who have had enough) of my photographs made on the south side of Mount Rainier this last October. After this photograph, I switched my camera to a longer lens, and did my best to focus in on some of the details of the Nisqually Glacier, but after a length wait the clouds only grew denser and I never got another opportunity that day.

Of the three photographs I produced there that day, this may be my favorite. The clouds broke right over the summit of Mount Rainier, and opened enough over the rest of the mountain to reveal much of the Nisqually Glacier. Being a scene of many white tones - snow, ice, cloud, and fog - a 25A red filter helped to emphasize some of the subtle gradations and, particularly, to separate the summit from the sky.

2011 was a lean year for photographs, but this particular day on Mount Rainier was likely my single-most rewarding and productive day. I made my way back down towards Paradise after this photo was taken, but simply moved on to other rewarding scenes.

Tachihara 4x5 | Caltar 150mm f/5.6 | f/22 | 1/15s | Ilford FP4+ | Tripod | 25A, HC110(h)

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