Clouded Sunset, Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

Clouded Sunset, Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

While visiting Yosemite National Park back in February this year, low clouds kept us from trying to hike very far up the valley rim. Instead we enjoyed a small stretch of trail that I hadn't previously hiked, connecting Yosemite Falls and the Awahnee Meadow along the northern edge of the valley (just above Yosemite Village). We found ourselves arriving at the Ahwanee Meadow a little later than expected and without time to explore a new location for the sunset, which was not looking for photographically promising anyhow. Instead of rushing off to a new location, we found a nice open view of Half Dome and, hoping for the best, I set up my camera on the tripod, focused, and waited.

For the most part there was very little to see, and then through the clouds there were brief glimpses of magenta alpenglow on Half Dome through the clouds. The intense color only appears briefly and, rather than wait for more of the clouds to open up, I made my photograph when I thought the color was likely the most intense. Fortunately, that also coincided with the clearest view of Half Dome during those few brief minutes, and I think I was able to make the most of the occasion. Although the striking shape of Half Dome is lost here, for enthusiasts of Yosemite it remains immediately identifiable all the same.

Thank you for those who continue to follow my photography and check in periodically for updates. My spring of 2012 has been a very complicated one and I simply have not had the time edit photographs (or even develop them). In time I hope to catch up.

Tachihara 4x5 | Fujion 400mm T f/8 | f/22 | 1/2s | Fuji Velvia 50 | Tripod

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