Little Tahoma Peak, Mount Rainier National Park

Little Tahoma Peak, Mount Rainier National Park

Back in July I had one opportunity to visit Mount Rainier overnight, just long enough to take in both the sunset and the sunrise the following morning before heading back home. I realized a few years ago that, with the long summer days as far north as Seattle and Mount Rainier, you could feasibly drive down to Mount Rainier with enough time to set up camp, photograph sunset, sleep (briefly), photograph sunset and drive back to Seattle early enough to get into work on time. Since then, I tried to make that trip at least once each year.

It's hard to overstate how great it is to take in a spectacular sunrise at Mount Rainier, and to have the whole mountain seemingly to yourself. You may not get much sleep, but still, I can't recommend it enough. I made a few photographs during the sunrise, using up my last few sheets of color slide film that I had available. Once the color had faded I turned my focus to a few of the features of Rainier, such as Little Tahoma Peak, seen here. This dramatic peak rises just to the southeast of Rainier summit proper. When flying overhead and seeing the Pacific Northwest's volcanic peaks rising through the clouds, it's often Little Tahoma Peak that helps to differentiate Rainier from the rest.

This photograph is from my most recent trip to Rainier, and unfortunately it's unlikely I'll make any return trips soon. 2012 has been a complicated year for me, with a job loss leading, eventually, to a move back to California's Bay Area and away from Seattle after four years of calling it home. The scanner, computer, printer and cameras have been boxed up for months and are really only just starting to come out again now. This photograph may not reflect particular artistic vision, but it does satisfy my nostalgia somewhat for Washington State, and Mount Rainier.

Tachihara 4x5 | Fujion 400mm T f/8 | f/22 | 1/15s | Ilford FP4+ | Tripod

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