Lower Antelope Canyon Detail, Arizona

Lower Antelope Canyon Detail, Arizona

I wrote a fair bit of detail about Lower Antelope Canyon previously here, so I won't go on extensively about how wonderful it was to photograph for me. But I would again emphasize how, despite its similarities to Upper Antelope Canyon, I really found my photos this year to take on a different look.

I did a lot of shooting with a 50mm lens this year and focused on detailed shots like this, rather than trying to capture the canyon as a whole as I did last year with an ultra-wide-angle lens. I also found the color palette to be subtly different, seeming more of these great purple hues than I saw in Upper Antelope Canyon.

I have a handful of photographs from Lower Antelope Canyon, including this one, that I feel would look best seen together, but I haven't yet decided how to bring them together - I suppose they'll likely show up here over time.

Nikon D90 | Nikon 50mm f/1.8 | f/9 | 1s | ISO100 | Tripod

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