Me, My Camera, and Yosemite

I've been shooting since early 2007, when I decided to take the modest step towards shooting a digital SLR camera (a Nikon D40) rather than just my little digital point & shoot camera. I'd had a long-standing interest in photography and with the great improvements in dSLRs and their affordability I took the plunge.

I immediately found that I really loved taking photos and it has essentially consumed me since then. In october 2007 I made my first trip to Yosemite and a whole new appreciation for the park and, honestly, the natural world also evolved. Long story short: now I'm most likely out hiking around a national park with a large format camera, a dSLR, a tripod, and (given enough room in the bag) basic survival gear on any chance I can find. The photo above was taken on one of those weekend adventures by my wonderful wife Catherine, who is kind enough to endulge my hobby and even help to carry some of that gear on our long hikes.

I've been posting my photos on Flickr since I started shooting with my SLR camera and absolutely love the community and feedback that it affords. It will continue to be my primary home base for my photographs. Occaisionally I've wanted to do things that Flickr does not make easy - not the least of which is to make 'large' sized image the primary thing you see - and that's primarily my motivation for starting my own website. I am not a web designer by any stretch of the imagination, and I'm writing this page from scratch, so please bear with me if there are occaisional glitches. I will eventually update this site with a proper search function, and some more convenient ways to browse, such as dedicated Galleries, but these things all take time.

A small selection of images can be purchased through Imagekind who do a wonderful job of printing and provide many framing options as well, all at very reasonable prices. I've chosen to work with them primarily for the ease for both customers and me, along with their very high print quality. I'm also partial to Lightjet prints on Fuji Crystal Archive papers, and if you're interested in a Lightjet print I'd suggest contacting me personally to work out the details. My online selection is only a small cross section of my work, and if you see something on this site or on Flickr of which you'd like a print, let me know and I can almost certainly arrange it.

A small selection of my images are also available for licensing through Getty Images. For all other licensing inquiries please email me.

If you'd like to reach me for any reason (technical questions, licensing arrangements, general praise or condemnation) you can reach me at I sometimes have a tough time keeping up with my mail, so please bear with me if I'm a little slow.

Thanks for stopping by! Take a look at my photo index to start browsing!

NOTE: March 13 2010 - I have not received any of my email from the above address, for longer than I care to mention (due to an issue with mail forwarding). Please accept my apologies for any emails that have been sent that you did not recieve a response to. I will try to catch up, and stay on top of it in the future.

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