Sunrise Point, Bryce Canyon NP, Utah

This is the perspective from Sunrise Point at Bryce Canyon National Park. Despite it's name it isn't the most ideal spot in the part to take in the sunrise, but after shooting a few hours before breakfast, it made a great place to start shooting at mid-morning. I particularly enjoyed the view from Sunrise Point here, looking south, as it gave one of the best views of how much snow had fallen in the park. Although not the reason for planning this trip in February, once the wheels were set in motion I was excited to return here in the hopes of seeing the park with more snow, as the bright white offsets everything else so beautifully.

This is the second of what I hope will be 4 or 5 large format photographs of Bryce Canyon National Park. As I mentioned in my most recent upload I'd felt that Bryce Canyon was the sort of place that really lent itself to large format photography. The most remarkable thing about large format is just how much detail can be captured. Bryce Canyon, with its thousands of hoodoos, trees, alcoves and, well everything, just lends itself towards exploration.

This view is nearly the opposite view as that posted yesterday from Inspiration Point. Inspiration Point can be seen here along the horizon - it is the highest point towards the center of the horizon in this frame. If you look at yesterday's image you can spot Sunrise Point, where this was taken, including the small tree appearing in the bottom right of this frame.

With additional perspectives from Bryce Point, another from Sunrise Point, the Rim Trail and possibly Sunset Point I hope to give people a chance to really look around the park and appreciate it, particularly if you've never had an opportunity to see it in person. While nothing can take the place of seeing it in person, I still greatly enjoy being able to look around a still image and take it all in.

Tachihara 4x5 | Schneider 90mm f/8 | f/16 | 1/60s | Fuji Velvia 50 | Tripod

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