Bristlecone Point, Bryce Canyon NP, Utah

This is yet another view from Bryce Canyon last month. This is the perspective from Sunrise Point (about 10 feet from where I took yesterday's photo), but looking to the east, rather than to the south. As I've mentioned, part of what makes Bryce such a spectacular sunrise location is that it's essentially a series of cliffs that are exposed to the east, dropping down from the highest point of the Colorado Plateau. However, looking east from Sunrise Point there is another large structure a ways off known as Bristlecone Point, and that's what you're seeing here.

A few things struck me about this shot - I enjoyed the way the image formed horizontal bands of color, with the green pines below, the orange sandstone characteristic of Bryce, and the blue of the distant hills and sky in the distance, which took on a really beautiful tone with Velvia that I'm quite fond of. I am also a fan of the way the rolling hills under the mesa alternate between the orange sandstone and bands of white snow.

I was quite happy with the overall sharpness of this shot, which could be a matter of the particular lens I shot it with, or perhaps a notably calm break in the wind the moment I snapped the shutter (it can be a bit windy up there) - regardless, it scanned fairly well, and shared the large (more than 9000 by 7000px) version here.If you'd like to look over a larger version without the Zoomify viewer, you can also follow the flickr link above the image. Apart from cleaning up the dust on the scan, this required nothing more than some slight sharpening prior to uploading

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