Rialto Beach Seastacks, Olympic National Park

Rialto Beach Seastacks, Olympic National Park

Yesterday I mentioned my Large Format photos taking a while to post, and this is an extreme example. I took this last April on a weekend trip to Olympic National Park. I didn't develop the film until last month, and by happenstance was able to get the negative scanned this weekend.

Since it's been a while, I don't remember a whole lot of details about the circumstances of the shot. This particularly morning was quite overcast and cool, and we used the morning to take a long stroll north along Rialto Beach. Just before reaching "Hold in the Wall", you reach a few prominent sea stacks, pictured here. What appears as a single sea stack in the center of the frame is in fact two. In the flat light that morning I hadn't even noticed when I took this photo - it wasn't until after when i continued down the beach that it became very obvious. You can just barely tell along the right edge of the stacks.

Without much direct light it was difficult to capture texture in the rock, but I made two exposures and this particular one had sufficient contrast to convey the texture. My 'darkroom' capabilities are presently limited to only developing my negatives, and no finished prints, and I have a difficult time telling which negatives will make for good scans. I hope to begin making some small contact prints soon, at a minimum (if anyone has any tips for doign 4x5 contact prints I'd appreciate it).

Tachihara 4x5 | Caltar II-N 150mm f/5.6 | f/22 | 1/15s | Kodak TMAX100 | Tripod | HC110(B)

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