Point of the Arches, Olympic National Park

Point of the Arches, Olympic National Park

Continuing chronologically through the sunset light at Shi-Shi Beach, this was taken just after the sun had truly set, or at least passed out of sight. The warm reds and oranges turned into deeper blues and violet tones. This image was shot with a daylight white balance for a neutral color rendition, but even still the sky was filled with violet tones. In processing the image I pushed the hue back towards blue, and shifted the white balance towards green and away from magenta, all to ensure a realistic interpretation. I further desaturated the image somewhat as well.

The end result is a fairly conservative interpretation of the initial image file, but I think a fairly realistic portrayal of how it appeared in person. The colors around twilight are really very intensely blue, but they become so dim that we have trouble seeing all that color. You never really know quite what the camera will pick up.

Like the image posted a couple days back, this was taken towards the south end of Shi-Shi Beach looking out along Point of the Arches, along with the strange rock formation in the beach itself. I shot this at quite a wide angle to pull in the very angular sea stack that I just couldn't work into the previous frames. At low tide, that sea stack is essentially up on the beach, not out in the water, and we were able to walk around it very easily.

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Nikon D90 | Sigma 10-20mm@13mm | f/9 | 0.6s | ISO200 | Tripod

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